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Greetings All,

SPI has limited involvement in active investigations. The reasons for this are manifold, but primarily for the following:

bulletIt is time consuming, expensive and difficult to recoup/justify expenses
bulletThe equipment available at this time is too limited
bulletFinding reliable volunteer members for this sort of work is too problematic
bulletThe field has gotten too crowded with amateurs, morons and time-wasting crazies
bulletA significant percentage of potential clients really do exhibit signs of mental illness or distress and we do not want to be responsible
bulletMy new career path and studies in engineering are very consuming


The website will continue to be here as a resource.


How will this change SPI?

bulletWe WILL continue to sell equipment and books
bulletWe may continue doing book reviews but probably not exchanging links except in special circumstances - this will be looked at on a case by case basis
bulletThe main email of SPI AT VORPRAL will be deleted for awhile as mostly godless spammers are using that address
bulletWe are no longer accepting doing photo analysis for free
bulletWe are no longer accepting applications for membership
bulletMaintaining links (checking for active sites) or conference schedules will no longer be done

I have been transformed by this journey in many ways; the paranormal field has taught me a great deal in numerous areas and in surprising ways. One example of which it has led me back to engineering of all things, in order to gather more tools with which to analyze the unknown. Furthermore, it gave me a focus which pushed me to learn more about psychology, interviewing, marketing, graphics, photography, video, public presentations, physics, metaphysics and many other areas - all knowledge that I can take with me. In addition, my personality and belief systems have changed for the better. I am more relaxed, confident, capable and focused than ever before, and the quality of my relationships has mirrored this quantum leap.

I guess somewhere along the way of protecting myself against the things that go bump in the night, I learned how to value myself enough to shield against bad situations, bad people and the parts of myself that no longer worked well. Perhaps in speaking with the dead, I am finding a space to speak with the dead parts of myself, and bury them with the proper ritual and closure to finally rest in peace.

Contrasting the good feelings I have about this learning process with the constant frustration I see with many groups, I feel that many of you are missing the point by believing that the parameters of success have to include seeing a ghost or getting your own show. I have been blessed by meeting and befriending many fine individuals in this field, but I am also dismayed by the jealousy, ignorance and arrogance displayed by many who do not have the education, experience, critical thinking skills or character to contribute effectively.

I appreciate the efforts of those who joined - please forgive the suddenness of this decision. Finally, I wish to thank my closest friends for standing by me in this and other ventures and helping me to get to the next horizon.

For those of you worthy individuals who remain in the field, I hope you find as much fulfillment as I have.

But for the rest of you misguided souls who do more harm than good in the research of the paranormal, I suggest that you quit chasing the dead, and go find a life.

Sincerely as Hell,


Director of The Society for Paranormal Investigation

P.S. We are the best and always will be. :)