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SPI - Application for Membership

Please fill out all fields and send in a $50 Interview Fee (by Paypal or check) or we may be unable to process your application

You must be at least 21 to apply, though we prefer 30+



Name          Address    

City, State & Zip Code                  

Phone #        E-Mail Address      Other Contact Info  

How and when is the best time to contact you?                  



Why do you wish to join SPI?                     

What is your background if any, in the paranormal?                 


Have you belonged to any other groups? If so who, and describe your membership with them and whether you are still active


If you have a website or member page describing you, please list the URL here:                       



What skills do you possess?  (for more than one, hold down CTRL while selecting) 



What kinds of equipment do you already have?   (for more than one, hold down CTRL while selecting)          


What level of membership are you seeking?        

How many hours a week can you devote to the organization? (this is just an estimated average) 


In general, when are you available for meetings and investigations?  (use CTRL for more than one) 



Are you physically, mentally and medically able to be involved in field investigations?   


Do you have a resume available to send?        


Are you willing and able to pay all fees? ($50 Interview Fee & $75 annual member dues)  


Even though no one has complained, in order to avoid looking like some kind of a racket or organization that operates on crass commercialism, we will WAIVE the fees above if you can study the books listed on the Ghost Hunter Reading List and are willing to take a quiz.

Ghost Hunter Reading List


What area(s) do you prefer to work in or contributions can you offer?