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Contact Priority Levels



Priority 1 - Need an investigation of an active haunting in the Dallas Ft. Worth, Washington D.C., Seattle, or New Orleans area, or are willing to pay travel expenses for us to investigate a site outside of this region or other consultant services for law enforcement, etc.


*If you decide to use the PayPal option below, PLEASE include a contact phone number and/or email address then fill out the Investigation Request Form through the link above and just notate in the narrative that you have already sent payment.

Time Option
Phone # or Email Address

Guaranteed responses only to prepaid requests. (we can only afford to do a small amount of pro-bono work)



I strongly encourage those with a limited budget, have a do it your self mindset or somehow find it disagreeable to actually pay us for any services to instead look at the following book that I have reviewed:

The Ghost Hunter's Survival Guide by Michelle Belanger





Priority 2 -  Professional Journalism & Media, (not students writing a paper) networks and producers looking for a story and/or paranormal consulting, suggestions for an active haunting, a professional hunter group that wishes to collaborate on equipment or an investigation, book reviews, (as long as you can send us a review copy and it is on a relevant topic) etc.   


Here is our Media Coverage Page for past venues we have been featured on.

If you need a conference speaker then please request our Speaker Conference Form


If you wish apply for a position in our group we are only willing to look at HIGHLY qualified individuals in a professional field, those with an actual degree from a university (preferably a B.S degree in the sciences) or allied with a high level government agency.


Otherwise, PLEASE do not ask us to find a group for you. We are simply too busy to operate as a no-cost paranormal employment agency for those who won't do the legwork on their own.


Priority 3 - Photo analysis, link exchange, request for a book review, (see Paranormal Book Reviews for guidelines) request for us to join a forum / board / alliance, general comments & feedback, praise, errors on the website, complaints or specific questions.

Book reviews require that you send the book and that the subject material is within the scope of our normal work. Contact for details. We do NOT post book reviews written by 3rd parties for obvious reasons. Also, we do not review fiction pieces from non-established writers. (you need to be a household name like Tanith Lee or Harlan Ellison)

You are free to ask us about joining a board or other alliance as we are always honored by such requests. Just be forewarned that we already belong to many discussion groups and may only be able to participate on a limited basis depending on the relevance.



We do not analyze ORB SHOTS or ANY OTHER PHOTOS for free anymore as detailed on our Ghost Orb page dealing with this controversy. If the photos are in relation to an investigation that we could conceivably undertake, then the cost of photo analysis may be lumped in with the donation. For other circumstances, please contact to explain.

I don't know why certain individuals seem to keep failing the reading comprehension portion of this - let me reiterate again by typing slowly and in all caps:


NOTE - Also, certain conditions apply to photos or negatives sent by mail. We must ask that shipping, insurance and all applicable analysis fees be prepaid plus all sent items should have a tracking number. We cannot be held responsible for loss or damage, and STRONGLY suggest that you make and send only duplicates. If you want them back, then it is at your own risk and shipping back must be paid as well. 

For any and all photos sent in, you must explain copyright and confidentiality requirements, though we insist that anything sent in for analysis can and shall be shared among any and all SPI officers plus outside colleagues and experts that we judge to be trustworthy.

We have now enacted new standards for cross linking as detailed below.



Priority 4 - You wish to inform us in detail of your magical powers ( "I see/hear/spank dead people" ) and guardian spirits, or have some very broad essay style question such as: "Tell me all about ghosts",  "How do I investigate a haunting?" or "What are some haunted locations around here?".   Response time - You would probably be better off browsing through the information already present on this website, (helpful links below) other fine websites on the Internet, or the New Age section of your local Barnes & Nobles and / or doing research at your local library.

Specific questions that we can give a brief answer to are the most likely to be answered. The reason that the magical powers angle tends to get a "no response" is because we generally don't know what kind of a reply you are looking for. It's like writing in to report that you are a brunette. Ummm... great!

For those who need general guidance in becoming a ghost hunter, have some new sections to answer this need at  Ghost Hunter 101  &  Ghost FAQ    It details the suggested steps and should answer most of your questions. :) You can also purchase our publications online at Ghost Books.



Regrettably, I must also put requests from minors on this priority level as well, especially ones looking to get a school report / project completed or wishing to find a career as a paranormal investigator. I have recently started a new section below which you can use as source information - in addition read the books that I suggest in the Book Review section and be sure to check out the Ghost Hunter 101 & Ghost FAQ links above. One in particular that is geared towards children is:

Ghost Hunting Handbook by Marc Tyler Nobleman on this page.


I recently came across a website by Allen Varney who does game design, and he has a FAQ section that very well sums up how professionals feel about constantly being approached for interviews to complete a school assignment.


But are some ghost hunter websites that are just for kids:  The South Jersey Ghost Research Kids Club 

If you have a haunting to be investigated, then I need permission from the parents or property owner.

I have an ENORMOUS amount of sympathy for those who wish to investigate hauntings, but are too young for the responsibility or legality. Frankly, I don't think every adult is up to the task, but regardless of my feelings, our Society has limited resources and we can't take the risk of encouraging minors to embark on something which may run counter to their parent or guardian's judgment.


We try to have a high response rate, but we cannot guarantee a reply unless we are prepaid for our consultation services. This is not greed, but the reality of having limited time and resources vs. an overwhelming number of requests. Also, if you ask us for something that we have already outlined here as being a non-response issue (such as asking us to analyze an orb shot for free) or already have answered on the FAQ page, then we won't answer.


General Feedback Form

Be sure and leave your contact information (Email, Zip Code & Phone # preferably) or else we will NOT be able to get back in touch with you! A lot of people leave this off for some reason.


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A text link to the same URL that reads  " The Society for Paranormal Investigation - Professional Ghost Hunters" is great too, thanks!



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"Venkman: I make it a rule never to get involved with possessed people.

(long pause with sounds of passionate embrace) 

Venkman: Actually, it's more of a guideline than a rule..."


from the movie "Ghostbusters"

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"Strange shapes light up the night
I've never seen them though I hope I might
Don't ask if they are real
The men in black, their lips are sealed

Fantasy fills my mind
To leave this place before my time
Release myself from earthly care
My dream may be your nightmare

I turn my hopes up to the sky
I'd like to know before I die
Memories will slowly fade
I lift my eyes and say
Come on take me away
Come on take me away

Come here girl close to me
A thousand stars your eyes can see
First one we see tonight
I wish I may I wish I might..."

-Blue Oyster Cult

"Take Me Away"