Delinking Policy

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We do not claim to operate a completely accurate list of organizations, but we do try to keep our records as current as possible. This is to prevent wasting time and frustrating those who may be in need of locating a group in their area. We may delete a link to a group under the following circumstances:

1) The group in question asks to be taken off the list due to dissolution of the group or some other reason.

2) The group announces on the website that they are inactive for an indefinite period of time.

3) We get reliable reports that the group as a whole is behaving recklessly or unprofessionally.

4) The group's website has not been updated in over a year and does not respond to emails (within two weeks or email bounces) or shows other strong signs of abandonment. 

5) We have a previous arrangement with the group for a link exchange and they drop our link. We understand mistakes happen and will inquire, but if there is no response within a week, we may decline to link to them.

6) Their link/website is completely dead (404 error, Tripod page not found, etc.)

7) The website has no relevant value whatsoever. I see pages all the time where someone started to build a website or begin a ghost group and they never got past putting up a few links and some cheesy Halloween graphics.


Groups that have gone inactive will be marked INACTIVE by the link. We will keep dormant websites on record if there is relevant or useful information that remains.

Last sweep was May 2005 and I deleted 19 links out of roughly 117 using the guidelines above - an attrition rate of nearly 20 % in the past eight months.