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" OH! My beloved steed Onyx is no ordinary horse! At times, she sets my troubled mind at ease; at others she is my chess partner. "

- Andy in Cowboy Bebop


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The Society for Paranormal Investigation Equipment Store for Ghost Hunting with reviews on gear



Ghost Books






Edmund Scientific is a good company that has been around awhile. Lots of cool gadgets for the fantasy scientist in us. 


VSS Electronics - A great discount retailer for camcorder accessories and they now sell cameras, microphones and nightvision equipment

Cheap Digital 8 tape as well

Or batteries in bulk


Battery Megasource - Self-explanatory


Porta Power Techs - more batteries


Inexpensive cable sources


Abe's of Maine Cameras - Good company, but be aware that they make their money off of selling accessories which you can generally get cheaper elsewhere. 





Surveillance Cameras & Security


Intellicam Systems - Cool electronic gear and surveillance equipment at discount prices.


Optics Planet


Electronics Stores in the DFW Area


Radio Shack - A long lived electronics chain that has some useful items for ghost hunters. I know some people don't like them (I hate the way they ask for personal information when you buy a 49 cent fuse with cash) but they are convenient for certain gadgets.


Luxeon Star Bulbs


Thermometers & Pyrometers



Glazer's Camera in Seattle - Source for infrared film and everything else camera related. 


Vernier Software in Oregon - They make the sensor array equipment that we are experimenting with for Project SPECTRE. 


Here is an informative little site on Geiger detectors and what to look for on those surplus Civil Defense units you find on eBay for $20. (answer: don't buy them - the good ones usually run at least $100)




Plano Toolboxes & Organizers


Contico Toolboxes & Organizers


Duluth Trading Co.


For multipocket tactical vests and jackets



Sweetwater. COM

Musician's Friend

Countryman Microphones (good wireless)




Trying to decide on whether to purchase a piece of gear? Go check out Epinions and type in the model you are interested in. Probably doesn't have EMF meters on there, but you have a good chance to find reviews on the camcorder or vcr you've been eyeing.


PARANORMAL GIFTS  Celtic Jewelry & Gifts


Reputable company for personalized pens and other items 


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Custom EMF Meters


Ghost Hunter Store by Mystic Ghost with excellent vests and carry-all bags for investigating!


Shop Ghost Hunting




A link to buy the Multidetektor Profi 



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I'm gonna get myself connected
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I see through you
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Something ain't right
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