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Q. Do ghosts exist?

A. We do not pretend to know the answer to that conclusively, nor are we trying to convince anyone that they exist. The body of historical evidence and our own experience suggests that there is SOME kind of anomalous energy at work that is just beyond the explanation of modern science. We advocate keeping an open mind, but at the same time recommend trying to find mundane explanations first.


Q. Strange things are happening here. Is it a ghost?

A. Presuming first of all that ordinary causes have been ruled out, there could be a number of paranormal agents at work of which ghosts only comprise a part. Hauntings are not all alike, and the spirit realm may be as varied and complex as the ecology in our physical world. For a listing of classifications, feel free to refer to our Haunting Classification System.


Q. Am I crazy?

A. If you are sane enough to ask that question, then probably not.

SPI is an excellent resource for those who are afraid they will be laughed at or not taken seriously. We treat everyone's honest perceptions with respect and dignity. However, if the request is too unusual or bizarre, we may decline to get involved for safety reasons. ("Meet me in this haunted dark alley at midnight and come alone")


Q. Then what is it?

A. That can sometimes be difficult to determine, but hauntings do tend to fall into recognizable categories as explained in the Classification link above. SPI can usually narrow down the type of entity responsible through careful interviewing augmented by onsite investigation and equipment evidence.


Q. What do I do?

A. There are a number of things which can often mitigate or resolve a haunting, but again, every situation is unique and it depends on the nature of the haunting as to what will be effective. Here are examples:

Activity Possible Entity Responsible Possible Resolution
Flying objects, activity increases over time Poltergeist - RSPK Counseling for the human agent about whom the activity is centered
Interactive Apparition Classical Haunting (Ghost) Communication to determine reason why the entity is "stuck"
Shadows on wall, cold spots, people being attacked Demon Exorcism or blessing by clergy
Vortexes, time slips, chaotic activity Geomagnetic Anomaly Magnetic shielding of floor
Consistent, low level phenomena Residual Haunting Clearing of space through Feng Shui, or other ritual

It is difficult to make hard and fast rules about everything, but SPI is available on a consulting basis for your individual case.


Q. Some groups have told me that they aren't ghostbusters or you can't get rid of a ghost.

Well, if they say they don't know how to resolve a haunting, then that is probably true - but that doesn't mean that SPI can't help. In most cases, there IS something you can do - don't let anyone tell you different. A lot of ghost clubs are very new and simply parrot back what they have read on the web rather than through their own experience. We list some of the possible solutions above, and are currently developing more tools to help our clients. We are also working on some reasonably priced publications to help people find solutions without having to wait for a group or professional organization such as ours to arrive onsite.


Q. Are ghosts dangerous?

A. Extremely rarely to never. You are much more likely to hurt yourself by running away or fainting and hitting your head than anything they might do. There ARE other entities or unusual conditions which can cause harm - though usually indirectly by affecting your mood and ability to function through the fear the situation creates.

It is best to educate yourself, understand and not be afraid if at all possible. Talking with SPI often greatly reduces the apprehension and anxiety brought on by the unknown. 


Q. Will the ghost get mad at me if I talk about it?

A. It's your home and you have a right to feel safe and comfortable there. Don't let the fear of anyone, living or dead stop you from having peace and enjoyment.  Also, it is highly unlikely that the ghost is sentient enough, mean-spirited enough and has the power to do harm for this to present itself as an issue. Most of the hauntings that are reported aren't due to an interactive ghost per se. Things can get stirred up, much as a smoldering log will flare if you poke at it, but if you are going to have resolution, it is necessary to confront the situation. SPI has the expertise to deal with nearly any eventuality, whatever it's source.


Q. Can ghosts attach themselves to objects or people?

A. This is one of the more difficult questions to answer. I would say that paranormal PHENOMENA can center around a particular object or person, but by definition it would be very rare for a classical interactive ghost to do the same. The reason why is because in the strictest sense,  a ghost is anchored to a certain spot due to being unaware of their state, or because of unfinished business. The chances of such a "stuck" entity seeing an investigator walk by and thinking: "Hey, they're cute - think I'll go home with them" is pretty slim in my book. The issues they are reliving or working through would take metaphysical precedence by far.

Personally, I tend to think of those that always claim that ghosts follow them home are either mistaken or get some kind of an ego trip from claiming such events occur. I DO think that SPIRITS (entities that are not earth bound like ghosts) can certainly follow or attach themselves to someone, so that may be mistaken for a ghost. Other issues at work may be poltergeist activity from RSPK, an artificial ghost created by a thoughtform acting as a phantom,  a psychic attack from another individual, etheric revenants, etc.

As for residual energy left in an object, it can generally be read by a skilled psychometrist, but for it to be strong enough to precipitate activity on it's own would require an unusually heavy charge or a great amount of significance assigned to it. It is possible that the power could come from some external force acting upon the pattern in the object (like plugging a fan into the wall) or it could be somehow activated by a unique individual. The differing perceptions between observers could also explain why one person may see or hear something around a particular subject and someone else wouldn't. 


Q. Am I a bad person / Christian / Wiccan because my house is haunted? What did I do wrong?

A. Likely, you did nothing wrong per se, though there are many ways to invite spirits into your space both conscious and unconscious. The use of Ouija boards, black magic, drug abuse, negative attitudes, destructive relationships and extreme stress can all contribute to lowering your defenses in such a way that something may be attracted or find it easier to invade your home. This generally only applies to parasites and other unpleasant entities.

Residual hauntings and Earth mysteries are often already there, and certain normal activities such as renovation, solar flares and emotional flareups may activate these patterns, much as automatic doors open when the motion sensor detects a presence. There may be some inherent personal lesson or motif that the universe may be trying to impart to you, but that would have to be examined on a case by case basis.  

RSPK is often linked to suppressed emotions - counseling and therapy can often help here.


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Ghostly Movement  - Applying Magic


"Even when two ghosts live together,

There is still only hunger and emptiness.

They might wish to enter the door of the living,

But fear the holy talismans."



This is a sign that you are troubled by the influences of the dead. You have no spiritual center. Only by studying religious books - the records of humanity's attempts to deal with the departed - will you be able to eradicate these influences.


You should carry out meritorious actions. Do good deeds to remove inharmonious influences.


While it seems there is nothing to rely on, there are higher powers. You ask about a troubling matter. Find some spiritual support.


Trigram 044 of the Ling Qi Jing (Spirit Tokens)