Ghost Hunter Reading List

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If you wish to join and have us waive the application fee and first year's dues, then we require you to read at least seven books total from the following lists - there will be a quiz...

I realize that even if buying at a discount, the total cost can run a substantial amount. But the reason for this requirement is because we don't have time for individuals who aren't willing to show a track record of interest by investing time and money into this field. Too often, we get approached by people who are all on fire in the beginning and want to come on investigations, but as soon as you ask them to do some actual work, they vaporize. We don't care if it's money you give us or one of the authors - we just need proof up front that you really want to do this.


Ghost Hunting / Paranormal Basics

Ghost Hunter's Guidebook by Troy Taylor

How to Hunt Ghosts by Joshua P. Warren

Monsters: An Investigator's Guide by John Michael Greer


Psychic Protection Basics

Psychic Self-Defense by Denning & Phillips

Psychic Protection by Ted Andrews


Electives (any two)

Spirit Photography by Dale Kaczmarek

On the Track of the Poltergeist by D. Scott Rogo

Vampires: The Occult Truth by Konstantinos

Any SPI Publication


Wiccan Alternates

Witches Shield  - Christopher Penczak (for Psychic Protection Basics)

other books may qualify such as from authors such as Cunningham, McCoy, Dunn, Grimassi, Pencazk, Konstantinos, etc.


Technical Positions also require either a degree, certification or verifiable work experience in the area of study.


Partial credit can be given to those with high levels of ghost hunting certification, Feng Shui, occult experts, etc. though to qualify you must write a 500 word essay describing your qualifications and understanding of the spirit world.