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Alien Vision - Exploring the Electromagnetic Spectrum with Imaging Technology by Dr. Austin Richards 

This is one of the most fascinating physics books that I have read in a long time and it's information can be directly applied to ghost hunting and paranormal investigation. In this unique treatise, Dr. Richards takes you from A-Z through the EMF spectrum as he discusses technologies that enable us to view our universe as never before. From backscatter x-rays to ultrasonic imaging and ultraviolet photography, there are exotic types of "alien vision" (ala Predator) that can extend our human vision to the invisible realms. More important than telling, he SHOWS you comparative image studies that illustrate the difference between our limited visible light vision and what can be divined through high tech eyes.

This publication is replete with beautiful photography that is striking and sometimes even unsettling as we peer at everything from chocolate bars to galaxies; from internal anatomy to unmarked graves. Along the way, he shares intriguing and little known information, such as how race car drivers sometimes die from invisible methanol fires that can kill before they are seen. (a UV imager can detect them) Or how in the early years of X-Ray technology, it was treated as a such a novelty that entrepreneurs opened X-Ray studios to take "bone portraits" of an unsuspecting public. (it took years before regulations were enacted) 


ISBN  0819441422          160 pages               Published 2001       Available from SPIE Press or Amazon   $39