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Strange State: Mysteries and Legends of Oklahoma by Cullan Hudson        Published in 2005  by Hudson House Productions

While regional based ghost books and broad subject paranormal collections are somewhat common, it is a little more unusual to find a book which combines BOTH. From ghosts to UFO's, hidden treasure tales to anomalous archaeology, this little gem makes an entertaining read. It is reminiscent of the famous C.B. Colby books that I used to adore growing up, but unlike Mr. Colby's folklore sources, Mr. Hudson has left few stones unturned in his research as he attempts to shake the truth free. In several instances, he frankly confesses that certain details of the stories are not corroborated by any historical evidence, so that leaves discretion up to the reader. I applaud such integrity and admire the five years that Mr. Hudson spent putting the book together.

$18.00        152 pages   Call  405.329.3026 to order copies or write hudsonhousepub  AT   or strangestateok   AT   (emails munged to prevent spam)


FEAR: A Ghost Hunter's Story  by Kriss Stephens  

It is always refreshing to find a ghost travel book which covers such a wide gamut of hauntings, from ships to battlefields and sanatoriums and Stephens book hits the mark here. Having the backing of MTV got her into places that are not open to the public, and I enjoy the background history that she includes with each section. The stories and incidents listed are entertaining and detail sites that are off the beaten path. While the price of the book may be a little higher than others in this category, part of the proceeds are donated to medical research hospitals for children, so there is no need to begrudge a few extra dollars.

ISBN 0974039446  $17.95   Published in 2004   Atriad Press


A Ghost in My Suitcase: A Guide to Haunted Travel in America by Mitchel Whittington

Fifty states and fifty haunted destinations - that's the claim of this newest offering from Mr. Whittington and he does a fine job recounting his ghost tourism travels throughout North America. His laid back style and honesty are a welcome feature in a field prone to embellishment and outright fabrication and besides, what's not to like about a book with such a great title and cover design. I have had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Whittington in person and have even enjoyed the hospitality of his home in Jefferson, TX - so I can vouch for the man's affable character and integrity. Again, part of the proceeds go towards charity, so please consider adding this volume to your paranormal collection.

ISBN 0974039454  $18.95  Published in 2005  Atriad Press


Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Places by Brad Steiger

If you have read many of my reviews, you know one of my pet peeves are ghost books that repeat the same old ghost stories we have heard a hundred times before. Fortunately, Mr. Steiger's impressively sized volume covers a number of hauntings that are fresh and original both in scope & detail. But the best feature are the photographs; this is one of the most complete collections that I have seen so far and the quality is very good. There are many that I have seen around the Internet or in other sources but didn't know the back story on (which this book handily covers) and several others that were completely unknown to me. Great to curl up with or to keep as a reference in the library.

ISBN 1578591465  $24.95   Published in 2003  Visible Ink Press    615 pages



Ghosts, Critters & Sacred Places of Washington by Jefferson Davis  

The style here is more narrative and draws greatly from Mr. Davis's knowledge of mythology and his previous experience working for the US Forest Service. He also offers some good theoretical ideas and commentary on ghost hunting from infrasonic sound theory to spiritualist meetings.


ISBN 1893186024  $12.95  191 pages   Published in 1999


Ghosts, Critters & Sacred Places of Washington 2 by Jefferson Davis

For anyone ghost hunting in the state of Washington, this book is a must have. Mr. Davis covers a lot of different locations and gives good detail as to the who/what/where/why of the haunting, plus practical information such as addresses. There is also a short section on certain ghost hunting subjects; wherein ironically, this book gives one of the better treatments of infra-red photography. He also covers some of his own personal experiences which elevates this book to well above average for a ghost atlas. 

ISBN 1893186032   $12.95  190 pages   Published in 2000


A Haunted Tour Guide to the Pacific Northwest by Jefferson Davis

Mr. Davis is rapidly becoming one of my favorite authors for regional documentation on the paranormal. Being a native of the area and an anthropologist / archaeologist by trade greatly enhances the information in this fine series. Over 200 haunted locations are detailed and the helpful information including maps, pictures, relative prices of meals and lodging makes this the Fodor's Travel Guide of ghost tourism.  

ISBN 1893186040  $15.95    Published in 2001


The Ghost that Haunted Itself: The Story of the MacKenzie Poltergeist by Jan-Andrew Henderson

This is a unique book that details the development and events surrounding one of the most famous series of ghostly attacks in recent history taking place in Greyfriar's Kirkyard in Edinburgh Scotland. One of the outstanding features is the excellent writing style that Ms. Henderson employs, it is entertaining and informational in a way that few authors of the paranormal attain. The area is now a part of the City of the Dead tours.

ISBN 1840184825  $12.55   Published in 2001

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