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Please read BEFORE applying


Remember, even if you do not meet the position qualifications or all of the guidelines, we ARE still looking for places with STRONG activity. If you can hook us up, then we can consider having you as a temporary guest for that particular investigation and then see how things go from there.


Skill Sets & Background

1) We don't need additional bodies so much as we need certain skill sets as described in the position postings. If you have special talents outside of these guidelines, we are negotiable.

NOTE: We need for YOU to have the skills & qualifications in question. Not your husband / brother / sister / mailman, etc. as it just doesn't work out for someone else to offer their abilities by proxy, as it were. It generally winds up not being fair to them or to us, so please don't do this.

Previous paranormal experience is preferred as is maturity, common sense and initiative. 21 years of age + ONLY and we strongly prefer potential members to be at least 25 - 30 years old. For regular members, it is strongly recommended that you live within the Metro area of our listed key cities. (Dallas - Ft. Worth, New Orleans, Washington D.C.)

We do work with reputable groups and individuals from other areas provided they have experience, a body of work they can present (reports, a website, etc.) and currently active areas they can invite us to collaborate on initially. (see Q & A for definitions of Area Rep & Freelancer)

2) If you decide to apply, please submit a work resume as well which includes your current address and date of birth.

3) We reserve the right to do a background check and/or bar membership based on our judgment. If you are a perfect stranger, we deserve to know the risks, if anything, to us and to those whose residences and businesses we may investigate.


Application & Position FAQ

4) Please spell correctly and use good grammar.

5) This is not a paid position at this point - in fact, we are now charging a processing and member fee to join.

NEW  $50 Interview Fee + $75 Annual Membership Dues


Even though no one has complained, in order to avoid looking like some kind of a racket or organization that operates on crass commercialism, we will WAIVE the fees above if you can study the books listed on the Ghost Hunter Reading List and are willing to take a quiz.

Ghost Hunter Reading List


6) Just because we do not elect to take you up on your offer of membership does not mean that we don't like you or that you are unqualified to be an investigator. There are variable reasons why we cannot add everyone who inquires. Often there are not enough investigations or supervisory/administrative resources available to take on additional members, nor are we obligated to explain any or all of the rationale we use to screen applicants.


7) After reviewing your credentials, we will arrange an interview. If the interview goes well and everything is in order, then you may be able to join for a few trial investigations depending on scheduling and geographic logistics after signing a Temporary Membership/Guest Charter. At that point, if things still seem like a good fit, then a 90 day trial period membership could be issued.

At the end of that period, YOU must take the initiative and express your desire to stay with SPI. After consideration, a position with SPI can be offered. The nature of this post and position will vary based upon qualifications.

Otherwise the Trial Membership will expire and you will be dropped from the roster with no further communication.


Professionalism & Occult Knowledge Requirements

8) It is critical that you are able to get along with all or most of the other members.

9) Membership can be terminated at any time at the discretion of the Director based on attitude, carelessness, misconduct, breaches of ethics and/or professionalism, personality clashes, insubordination, dishonesty, or illegal conduct. In short, for any reason at all. 

10) You are expected to have at least a passable familiarity with the paranormal (outside of just Hollywood movies) or be in the process of studying. (ongoing studies are also strongly encouraged) Also, it would be favorable if you already own some or all of the basic equipment for hunting (camera, flashlight, EMF meter, thermal scanner, etc.) or are at least willing to spend a certain amount to outfit yourself. ($100 - $500 should be sufficient)

11) In general, all postings require an individual with the following characteristics: Must be intelligent and highly motivated with good moral character. (defined as having honesty, compassion, integrity and ethics) Highly motivated means that you have initiative and are willing to actively promote the group in terms of finding investigation opportunities and sources of funding. All religious affiliations and races are accepted - it is the spirituality and character with which we are most concerned.

We also require a high degree of professionalism to be exercised when in the presence of a client. It is important that performance and dedication be relatively CONSISTENT meaning that you do not burn out in your enthusiasm and passion, nor allow too many other obligations get in the way. This may come across as a bit much, but we are not a ghost club - we are a high level organization that has a lot to offer.

Ideally, there should be few or no physical infirmities or limitations for field positions as investigations can be strenuous and demanding.

If you desire a field position (to actually go on investigations) we do not accept those with a nervous or dramatic temperament. We do not need people freaking out, fainting or making a spectacle of themselves (and our group). This is a very serious matter and we do not wish to bring prospective members along for entertainment purposes.

12) Time requirements for these positions will vary but expect about 5 + hours per week on average for meetings, research, email correspondence investigations, etc. What you get in return is joining an experienced group and training in the paranormal sciences. The fellowship is very good, we have a sense of humor and there are some very talented individuals currently with us.



SPI Membership Philosophy

Overall, it is better to have a small group because investigations go smoother with less people, and there are fewer problems with communication breakdowns, logistics, favoritism, personality conflicts and just getting everyone's schedule to synch. And by restricting the membership, we also prevent the crackpots and fruitcakes (which are all too prevalent in this field) from irritating/endangering the group. 

And it also seems to me, (though I'm sure there are exceptions) that the better quality work out there comes from smaller, tightly knit groups that have been around a long time. It makes sense because continuity and consistency is important if you are going to keep a long term project going. But on that note, it is good to be connected with as many quality people as possible to find more networking opportunities and doors to open.

And I am not saying that "open" groups don't have their place. They provide valuable experience for those new to the field and can be very enjoyable to participate in.