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I have finally learned to channel my inner nerd and develop this fishing pole device; a personal fabrication of mine which I dubbed:


Thank you, thank you.  This integrated package includes an EMF meter with flexible probe end (because it is single-axis), indoor/outdoor thermometer, clock, tape recorder, compass, sidemount flashlight, auxiliary face illumination, comfort grip handles and shoulder strap. While it looks cool, I feel like it needs considerable modification.

For one, I'm not entirely happy with the Cell Sensor EMF meter. It has no filtering for 60 Hz (so it goes off near any kind of AC power) and the calibration scales of 1-5 and 10-50 are all wrong. Either it pegs at 5, (which is too low) or you have to constantly watch the meter on 10-50 since it will almost never peg on that scale and give you the audio/visual alarm for which it is valued. Still, I do like the external probe on a long, flexible rod for reaching up to the ceiling or down into corners for that pesky ecto. 

The other thing which I question a little is the tape recorder, though I think it may have value for "walk-thrus" so that you can make audible notes to yourself while scanning. The aux. face illumination needs tweaking as well as I would like to see all of the instrumentation readings without a flashlight and for it to possess a side runner lamp so people don't get whacked in the dark. When I get time, I may put some high output red LED's to take care of that. Compass is not the greatest, either. Hangs too much to be of great value. Another model may give better results.

I am now working on a way to integrate my Sony D8 with an EMF meter and IR temperature sensor.


Ray:   " Well, this is great! If this ionization rate is constant for all ectoplasmic entities, we could really bust some heads! In a spiritual sense, of course."

- Ghostbusters