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I started this section because of the volume of requests that we get asking about paranormal investigation as a career. If you don't see the answer below, then go ahead and write in. If the question seems good, I'll try to post it here with an answer. In any case, please don't expect a personal reply. This is the best compromise that I could think of where you can have something for school and we can still attend to all of the requests that we get.



Q. Do you personally believe in the paranormal?

A.  I believe in energy that we don't fully understand yet. Even science can agree with that as they are also on a quest for the Unified Field Theorem. So far, the force that they can't tie together with the others is gravity.



Q.  What has been your favorite or most interesting case at this point?

A. There was a case of demonic invasion that we got called on that was pretty over the top. Unfortunately, I can't go into more detail at this time.



Q. Do you ever get bored with this field?

A. I get bored with certain aspects of investigation, such as sitting and watching video for hours, knowing that it is unlikely to show anything interesting. But otherwise, I have found many facets to be quite engrossing and even after a lifetime of study and researching ghost stories, I still discover deeper mysteries.



Q.  Do you have a flexible schedule?

A. It depends somewhat on the client's schedule, and being a night person really helps.



Q. What is generally the starting salary for your position?

Are you kidding?

I don't know where in the  &%!$  people got the idea that this was some kind of established profession. Most organizations and investigators don't get paid AT ALL, let alone a salary. The only way to make money is to work for a university (an education that would run you six figures, so it would hardly be profitable) or to get extremely lucky and sell lots of books or a TV show. Unfortunately, there is such a gold rush now that the competition is very fierce. I don't think it is realistic for most people to expect to make a living at this - so you best just do it because it's in your blood.



Q. What is the most common case you deal with?

A.  Residual hauntings and RSPK.



Q. Is your position in any way connected with the police department, or is it a private operation?

A. There are very few  organizations that are directly connected with law enforcement, and that sort of thing is generally kept quiet.



Q Where did you get your degree?

A. Currently, the closest thing to a degree that you can get in this field is in parapsychology, and in many ways that is still not quite the same thing as doing field work like this on a regular basis. I have my degrees in other fields and from various colleges.



Q. Is there a particular part of the world in which most of these cases are found?

A. I think there are certain parts where it is more likely to be reported. In America and in the UK, ghost hunting has become a real fad. Some parts of the world may have very few cases such as in Antarctica because so few people live there.



Q.  When and why did you decide to become a paranormal investigator?

A. It's taken me my whole life to get this point, and I have always been drawn to the underworld. I know a lot of people say that, but I have been doing this for several years and it shows no sign of letting go. I guess what I am saying is that I was created to do this sort of work, right from the beginning.


Q. What do you need to know in order to do this work?

A. Everything you can. I especially stress physics and metaphysics because our understanding is moving towards a fusion between the two fields. But there are so many other things to learn that apply. Here is an example list:


bulletPhotography, Video Editing, Audio Analysis
bulletMythology, Religion, The Occult, Philosophy
bulletElectronics, Engineering, Mechanical Background
bulletComputer Science, Programming, Web Design, Graphics
bulletEnglish, Composition, Other Languages
bulletPsychology, Counseling, Sociology
bulletHistory, Anthropology, Archaeology
bulletQuantum Mechanics, Chaos Theory, Fuzzy Logic
bulletLaw, Public Relations, Marketing, Public Speaking