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"You know my method. It is founded upon the observation of trifles."


-Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, "The Boscombe Valley Mystery,"

The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

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What types of haunted sites have we investigated?


  1. Private residences

  2. Hotels

  3. Restaurants & Taverns (including Goth Clubs)

  4. Abandoned Hospitals

  5. Ships including Historical Vessels

  6. Graveyards & Cemeteries

  7. Battlefields

  8. Abandoned Military Bases

  9. Historical Sites & Structures

  10. Castles

  11. Caverns & Caves

  12. Theatres & Movie Houses

  13. Churches

  14. Libraries

  15. Parks & National Forests

  16. Bookstores & other Retail Establishments

  17. Malls

  18. Basements & Underground Facilities

  19. Farms & Farmland

  20. College Dorms


What experience and insight do you offer?

We have personally investigated hundreds of cases over the past several years with a variety of clients. Our members are professionals from all walks of life and have been carefully selected to ensure that your case is handled with insight and respect. We take a broad, holistic view of a haunting; not just whether a ghost is present or not, but also the impact on your life.

All members are sane, well grounded in reality and have had experience with the paranormal previously, so we are not given to flights of fancy or running away with weird feelings. We will give you an honest, sober evaluation of what is going on along with SUGGESTIONS on how to cope with your particular situation.



What services do we offer in a full scale investigation?


These vary according to the situation, client need and budget, but in general this is a listing of steps that we take.


1)  A detailed phone interview with you requiring about 30 minutes. 

2)  Preliminary walkthrough and face to face interview requiring at least 2 hours. 

3)  Historical research and background check if paid for. 

4)  EMF radiation survey of the property with video/still camera documentation. Approximately 2-4 hours. 

5)  Documentation and discussion of the data found with other group members.

6)  Subsequent targeted investigation - vigil style if necessary so this can be overnight. 

7)  A conference with the client discussing what we have found and what we believe is taking place. This also includes professional consultation on steps to cope with or mitigate the activity. 

8)   Follow up in the near future to see how the client is doing. 




We utilize the most advanced technology available in this field - here is a partial listing:

1) Digital AC gaussmeters & EMF (Electromagnetic Force) arrays

2) DC Geomagnetometer

3) Ion Air Counter

4) Digital Geiger Counter

5) Digital 8 Video & DV with Nightshot

6) Audio recorders (digital & analog) & EVP Analysis software with shotgun microphone

7) Digital & SLR cameras with enhanced Infrared capability

8) Computerized sensor array (SPECTRE) including barometric pressure & motion sensor with graphic data logging capability

9) Thermal viewers & IR temperature scanners

10) Hygrometer (atmospheric humidity)


To make a few things clear, SPI does NOT employ the following methods for investigation:


1) Ouija boards

2) Sťances

3) Channeling

4) "Black Magick" or any other Satanic / demonic based belief system


The primary reasons why is because these activities are not recognized as scientific or objective, and in our opinion could even be dangerous as they can attract negative energy. For more information, go to the Spiritual Safety page. While we do pay attention to "gut feelings" and respect the vibes and impressions that we get from the world around us, we are careful to evaluate all of our senses and weigh their relative value in context of the situation.



Please see the TOP PRIORITY FAQ for details at the bottom.

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Member:  How did he find out about the unfortunate and her child?

Anderson:  Well, he has that kind of cleverness you sometimes find in the middle classes. A cheap sort of intelligence, but effective, nevertheless.

Member:  Hmmm. Thank God thatís not something youíre burdened by.

Anderson:  Yes, thank God.


-Sir Robert Anderson, police commissioner answering a question from a fellow secret society member 

in the movie "From Hell"

a historical speculation on Jack The Ripper

starring the very cool Johnny Depp