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Lister: "Astronavigation and Invisible Numbers in Engineering Structre Made Simple." That's Rimmer's. [tosses the book into a trunk and looks back at the shelf] Ah, ha! "The Pop-Up Kama Sutra - Zero Gravity Edition!" That's mine! [sticks the book under his pillow, turns back to the shelf, and finds a video tape] "Arnold J. Rimmer - A Tribute." What's this?

Rimmer: [walking in]   It's a video of my death.

Lister: You video'd your death?

Rimmer: Holly did it for me.

Lister: You're very strange, Rimmer.

Rimmer: What's so strange? You have videos of weddings and births.

Lister: So, what, do you have other people around, give 'em a sherry, and invite them to watch you snuff it?

Rimmer: Lister, my death is one of the most important things that ever happened to me.


Red Dwarf

Episode Me2