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SPI Ghost / Spirit / Anomaly Picture & Video Request Form

Email                            First Name           Last Name

NOTE:  PLEASE give an email address that you check regularly and often as we validate all requests for assistance by email.

We do not share this personal contact information with anyone without your permission or place you on a spam or mailing list of any kind.

Phone #                  Address        

City                          State                      Zip Code  

Other contact info          

How and when is the best time to contact you?                     

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Alleged Target Address (the haunted property)          

Shots taken location (indoors, outdoors, graveyard)         

Nature of anomaly  

Room  (Room # or  Living Room, Hallway, etc.)      Floor 

Date Taken       Time      Lighting Conditions

Type of Camera     Model      

Any special lenses, filters or features used like Nightshot?      

Do you know the exposure, f-stop or shutter speed info of the shot(s)? 

Tripod used?      Was Flash Used?           Weather Conditions   

Do you happen to have the geomagnetic data for that day? 

Narrative (the story behind the picture)            


Any correlating phenomena or readings?        

What is your experience in photography?           Is a negative or raw tape available?   

Has the photo been altered or enhanced in any way to your knowledge?

Do you believe in ghosts or spirits or other paranormal phenomena?     Are you a smoker?     

Is this area where the picture was taken potentially interested and available for an investigation?    

Has another group or investigator been called in and / or done photo analysis of this picture?  

Did they come to a conclusion about what this was?      

Photo Analysis - We typically charge up to $25 per photo not including incidental expenses like shipping charges if any. (PAYMENT BUTTON BELOW)

We do not analyze ORB SHOTS or ANY OTHER PHOTOS for free anymore as detailed on our Ghost Orb page dealing with this controversy. If the photos are in relation to an investigation that we could conceivably undertake, then the cost of photo analysis may be lumped in with the donation. For other circumstances, please contact to explain.

NOTE - Certain conditions apply to photos or negatives sent by mail. We must ask that shipping, insurance and all applicable analysis fees be prepaid plus all sent items should have a tracking number. We cannot be held responsible for loss or damage, and STRONGLY suggest that you make and send only duplicates. If you want them back, then it is at your own risk and shipping back must be paid as well. 

For any and all photos sent in, you must explain copyright and confidentiality requirements, though we insist that anything sent in for analysis can and shall be shared among any and all SPI officers plus outside colleagues and experts that we judge to be trustworthy.

Will you be offering a donation in advance?    

You do NOT need to have a PayPal account to purchase. Simply follow the steps after clicking the button. :)