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Due to administrative demands, we are restricting Dallas memberships to one or more of the following:

1) You possess a specialty skill listed below that is currently in demand  AND

2) You are willing to do heavy administrative work  AND

3) You have previous experience in the paranormal


CURRENT POSITION POSTINGS WITHIN SPI for:    Seattle   New Orleans   Washington  D.C.



Position titles are color coded to reflect how much we need to fill the position

Red - Preferred                   Yellow - Moderate               Green - Optional




Researcher & Data Assimilation Specialist - Must be able to do background research on properties, historical figures and time periods in order to form composite reports. Taking the data from investigations and outlining it in a summary would also be very helpful.

Grant Writer - Someone with previous experience in writing scientific grants is strongly preferred.

Data Review & Marking Specialist - We need someone detail-oriented, trustworthy and level headed to go over our tapes, EVP's, video, etc. to mark potential anomalies for further analysis.  Preferred retired individuals with computer experience.

Legal Expert - Someone (preferably a practicing attorney) who can render counsel in some of the following areas: legal forms, liability and commercial insurance, non-profit status, grants, intellectual property, entertainment law, etc. 



Mapping & Sensor Technician/Engineer - Must be able to draw neat layouts of the investigation site on graph paper and label legibly. Ability to use various sensor equipment such as EMF meters and Geiger counters in order to record readings. Engineer posting would include design and implementation of sensor arrays. Preferably someone with a background in any of the following fields:  engineering, surveyor, geologist, mathematician, electronics technician, architect or draftsman. 

Gothic/Industrial Musicians - Looking to promote your band? SPI is looking for a group or groups to work with on various projects for background music. Dark and haunting is the watchword and if you think your muse is Edward Gorey meets Sisters of Mercy, then get in touch with us. We can give you a lot of extra exposure in return for letting use samples of your work.  


We do not have postings specifically for Psychics available at this time - we are currently working on a comprehensive evaluation program and guidelines for this skill set. Anyone who claims this as a specialty will be expected to perform at a very high level of effectiveness.

Otherwise you may still qualify for a non-Psychic position.