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Here are some software programs that may aid you in paranormal research. 








IrfanView Image Viewer - This is one of the BEST image viewers around. It is simple to use and yet very versatile and fast with plenty of cool features like slide show & batch processing plus some image editing including cropping, grayscale, inverting, filters, contrast adjustment and more. MUCH better than using Internet Explorer and for a quick look see of a paranormal photo, I reach for it before I even think about opening the much vaunted but considerably slower and harder to navigate Adobe Photoshop.

Furthermore, in version 3.97 + you can also download a plugins package that includes reading EXIF info so that you may not need the other two programs listed below.

Best of all, it's FREE.


EXIF Image Viewer - Want to be able and read the "hidden information" in a JPEG file taken by a digital camera? Here is a link to an EXIF viewer that will do exactly that. Gives date, time, f-stop and all that jazz. Supposedly, you can also detect whether the photo has been altered by an image edit program, though I am not quite sure how you would go about determining that. Bear in mind that it may not work with photos taken by certain digital cameras such as the Sony Mavica or the Fuji FinePix A303. I really wish the manufacturers would standardize this crap.


EXIFER Image Viewer - Here is another, even more sophisticated version of the same kind of program. 


Neat Image v 1.1 - A really cool program which can clean up a grainy digital photo by sampling the "noise" in the picture and filtering it out.

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Cool Edit 2000 - A lot of investigators use this for cleaning up EVP's. Cost is $70 from Syntrillium. At this point, I can't say whether the Pro Version for $250 is worth it, (it has extra features for filtering out noise) and I'm investigating using Sound Blaster Live! bundled software to see if it can do the same thing. Please note that Syntrillium was bought out by Adobe and the replacement product is now called Adobe Audition; I think it's at version 1.5 now. Can't speak for it as we haven't gotten a copy yet, but I will let you know when we do. 

And here are some helpful tips from Orion of Orion Paranormal"

"In Cool Edit 2000 you can select a few seconds of sound track that has typical noise but no voice (or no suspected voice). Under TRANSFORM, NOISE REDUCTION, you click on GET PROFILE FROM SELECTION. When the application has finished, click on CLOSE (do not click on OK) and then select the entire sound track. Then open the NOISE REDUCTION window again and click on OK. This will
filter the entire sound track based on the profile of the previously selected noise. (You can undo this if you do not like the results. Just make sure UNDO is enabled.) Depending on the uniformity of the noise on the track, what will be left is other "intelligence," such as the voices."


Acoustica 2.25 - A simpler and much cheaper program ($20) that many use for analyzing EVP.


NCH SwiftWave 2.0 - This handy tone generator is great for audio testing and noise generation.

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LunarPhase - This is a neat program for tracking the exact phase of the moon. Great gift for your Wiccan friends. :)


Atom Time Pro - For hunters that need accuracy in synching equipment logs and video, this will set the time on your PC to the atomic clock in Boulder Colorado. If you go an extra step, you can then set all of your video and camera equipment to the PC clock so that your equipment logging is synchronized, which can be a huge help.