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Paranormal & Ghost Consultation Services



Normal Priority Investigation or Phone Consultation  -  We typically suggest or ask for compensation of $45 in advance for a 30 minute phone consultation or $85 for a local investigation.

Otherwise, these are addressed as we can get to them.

High Priority ASAP  - These are given first priority and our fees for this begin at $125.

Travel Expenses (if any) - contact for details




Level 1 Resolution of your case will normally conclude with a brief email or phone call.   Base of $45 for Normal Priority  $125 for High Priority

Level 2 An actual onsite visit (up to 2 hours)  add $40 for local    longer distances subject to travel fees

For more detailed documentation, the following fees apply:

Level 2 with Documentation - This includes an official report with suggestions on resolving your case     add $30

EXTRA TIME over 2 hours     $25 per hour

EXTRA TRAVEL over 10 miles one way (per Google Maps)    + $2 per mile




Level 3 with Documentation and media copies - This includes the site report and the following according to pricing tier

Copies of all ANOMALOUS photos & EVP  - $25 per CD which includes shipping

EVP analysis report standard is 3 takes at 2 minutes each - $30

Video Analysis - $60 per tape ( up to 1 hr. for each tape)

Photo Analysis - $25 per picture or set of pictures (up to 4)



$50 per hour 1 hour minimum and typical is 2 5 hours


MAPPING (optional)

Mapping is extra - pricing varies on square footage. If you supply your own blueprint then prices are 1/3

0 1500 sq. feet    $150

1500 3000 sq. feet  $300

3000 sq. feet +   $300 + $75 per hr.

You can pay by clicking below. If you need a variable rate (like a much longer or shorter time) then send money through PayPal at to the following email address: spi (AT) (make sure you leave your contact info in the Notes section of payment)


Why do you charge for this? I thought ghost investigations were free?

I am happy to explain. Yes, our local investigations are generally free if we approach you first or if we address the case as we get time (which is very little at this point). We cannot guarantee a response or that we will call/show up in person unless we are paid in advance. We do answer most reasonable requests in a short period of time, but it is based on workload and we can only devote so much time and resources to requests without compensation.

Many people need or ask for something closer to a consultation rather than a formal investigation. In order to ensure that our organization can afford equipment and training for these kinds of services, we ask for a fair exchange of consideration in return for our time. We have found that a significant number of clients are willing to make this exchange, so we do not feel this is out of line at all. 

Furthermore, we often contribute to charitable organizations and property owners of historical buildings that we approach first. In other words, we are sometimes the ones paying to investigate.


Isn't it against some code of ethics to charge for an investigation?

It is unethical to TAKE ADVANTAGE of someone in distress and SPI never does this. However like any other service that people perform or have to invest in to be effective (the countless hours and thousands of dollars in equipment) it is completely ethical to ask for a donation or compensation in order to reimburse for time and expenses. In our opinion, the current rates are more than reasonable.

When you add up gas, vehicle maintenance, tapes, software, hard drive space, web hosting, administrative time, office supplies, equipment and other sundries, an investigation can cost a team more money than you think. I don't see this as any different than asking a computer technician or counselor to make a house call, and you won't see many of them doing that for free. We also need to value ourselves before anyone else will take us seriously, plus I have seen time and again that people are far more appreciative of something they pay for as opposed to getting it for free.

I think the concept of "free investigations" came from the earliest days of Internet ghost hunting. It was so new that people were willing to completely volunteer their time in exchange for the opportunity. But then somewhere along the line, this philosophy seemed to harden from opinion into gospel. I am fine with other groups offering completely free service;  I only have an issue with people who believe that if they don't charge, then no one else should either and if someone else does charge, then they must be greedy, evil, etc.

To be honest, some people do seem reluctant to pay for something of this nature, and taking into account some of the groups running around taking pictures and readings with no organization or clue, I can understand how you would have trouble finding value in such chaos. I only hope professionalism and word of mouth will eventually weed out those who give the field a bad name.


How do I know I will get the service?

We always respond to paying clients - it is in our best interests for referrals and good karma. Furthermore, you have the option of complaining to PayPal and they are very good about resolving disputes fairly. 


How soon will I get the service?

We will respond within 24 hours as long as you leave your contact information in the Notes section of the payment.


What do I get with your service?

The benefit of personally speaking with highly experienced investigators with backgrounds in psychology, counseling, engineering, electronics, photography & videography, mythology, history, and spirituality. We have done numerous consultations and investigations across the country and we have an excellent success rate with our clients. While we can't guarantee any particular result, virtually everyone who has dealt with us has told us the same thing: " I am really glad we called you in."


I can call some other group for free, can't I?

Certainly, but none to my knowledge offer this kind of unique service and few organizations can match our combined experience, ability or professionalism. Many ghost groups are new in this field and may not be trained to deal with your particular situation; some may do more harm than good. Finally, many organizations simply want to prove that ghosts exist, and some thrillseekers may wish for the haunting to continue so that they can experience something paranormal.

We care about helping YOU.

Finally, we can provide phone consultations for areas nationwide or even worldwide where no professional groups currently exist. 


What if I can't afford $45.00?

Then pay what you can as described in the first paragraph above. We are also working on some reasonably priced publications to help people find solutions without having to wait for a group or professional organization such as ours to arrive onsite.