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The Science of Vampires   by Katherine Ramsland Ph. D. 

Th. Ms. Ramsland has an impressive resume — a master’s degrees in forensic & clinical psychology as well as philosophy and the author of nineteen books. A review of one of these books, Ghost—Investigating The Other Side is on the SPI website. While that publication was a living diary of sorts, this work is of a far more topical variety. As scientific treatments of vampires go, this is one of the more impressive and exhaustive volumes out there. Ms. Ramsland does an excellent job of touching on every aspect of the subject, from decomposition of bodies to the psychology of blood drinking. While many of the presented ideas are speculative, there is enough hard science behind it to lend substance to the hypothesis. The only notable downside to the book is that her obvious passion for the subject almost gets in the way. She spends a great deal of time talking about the evolution of the vampire archetype in Western culture and throws such a wide net over it that her suppositions lose focus and wander a bit too much.

Still, I consider this an excellent addition to any enthusiast of the genre and a thought provoking coffee table book for your round table of investigators. Superb cover design and the price is reasonable.

ISBN  0425186164     $12.95     276 pages   Published 2002



Vampires: The Occult Truth by Konstantinos Published 1996. Usually found in used bookstores and probably online. 

One of the best vampire books that I have read so far, I would put this up there with Greer's book on Monsters. Greer has a chapter on vampires as well, but Mr. K covers the subject matter in more detail. In addition, he teaches some fairly simple and effective rituals; you might think of them as Unitarian form of ceremonial magic. (though perhaps the author might correct me on that) Again, much of what Mr. K says seems dead on and he has some excellent stories, though I notice a discrepancy between what some people term as astral and etheric energy. For some, the terms seem almost interchangeable, though in my opinion there is some difference. 

ISBN 1567183808   $12.95   194 pages


Psychic Vampires: Protection from Energy Predators and Parasites by Joe H. Slate Ph. D.   Published in 2002

This is a fascinating and excellent book dealing with a type of creature and/or behavior which is both relatively commonplace and just now becoming understood, which gives it extra relevancy. Written by a licensed psychologist and professor at an Alabama university, it is based on over thirty years of research into this phenomena. It also augments many of the other psychic protection books listed here. A must read for the advanced investigator. 

ISBN 0738701912  $14.95   241 pages      Reviewed May 2003


The Complete Vampire Companion - Legend and Lore of the Living Dead by Rosemary Ellen Guiley possibly out of print 

While this book tends to steer away from serious occult study to vampire fandom, Ms. Guiley does a really good job detailing the multitudinous manifestations of the vampire archetype in Western culture. She talks about movies, books, literature and vampire societies, and a very complete listing of vampire names in other cultures. A must have for the vampyre aficionado's library. 

ISBN 0671850245  $16.00  258 pages   1994 


Vampire: The Complete Guide to the World of the Undead by Manuela Dunn Mascetti 

One of the better vampire guides that I have read in recent times, Mascetti covers a lot of little known facets in detail, providing diagrams, illustrations and quotations from literature and historical sources. Some excellent photos throughout and fascinating reading, though his tendency to jump from skeptic to nudging you into belief is a little disorienting.   

ISBN 0140238018    $17.95  224 pages


Vampire Hunter's Watchbook: A Guide for Slayers by Craig Glenday  (Esquire alias) Published in Oct. 2003

Sigh. This is a slightly unusual offering from the author of the UFO handbook (reviewed elsewhere) dealing with the hunting of vampires. The presentation is cool... or not depending on your taste and sense of propriety. It has a false leather print cover complete with a fake silvered oval which presumably will double as a mirror in an emergency. On the inside, the pages have an faux weathered look complete with bloody fingerprints and side notes done in handwriting. The intent of all this dressing is obvious - to look cool and gothic and appeal to wannabe vampire hunters.

The book does contain some decent information, but nothing that can't be garnered with more professionalism and accuracy in the Monsters book by Greer and Vampires: The Occult Truth by Konstantinos reviewed above. My primary objection is that the book presumes that you are actually going to go out and hunt these things while greatly minimizing the consequences (particularly legal) of doing so. While Mr. Glenday may presume that most people are intelligent enough not to go out and dig up bodies, (which is a felony in all states) I do not have such hope in everyone who fantasizes about being Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Indeed, I find the premise a bit reckless and urge caution if you decide to give this book to your own Lil' Paranormal Investigator. At the very least if you find yourself in the company of professionals, don't be surprised at some of the smirks if you actually relying on this publication for your hunts. It is best relegated to the caliber of coffee table book or icebreaker with that cute Goth chick at Starbucks.

ISBN 031231504X   $14.95   160 pages


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" He sees her face and is compelled to take this flight
He knows her soul embodies this, his final plight
His heart beats requiem, pounding the rhythm of intent
The night speaks fare thee well, the thrashing sea
Speaks portent

(In her, he sees his fate.....)

His chest is bared and ready for her hand
His chest is bared and ready for her stake

Burning, longing, nothing could keep him from her now
He flies by the whispering guidance of the clouds
This lonely eternity will end this eve within the
Arms of Gabrielle
And the creatures of the night release him to become
The dove again

(Destiny awaits.....)

His chest is bared and ready for her hand
 His chest is bared and ready for her stake

This curse, this need to feed throughout the centuries
Has grown tiring, so she becomes his history
The fog breaks and she is there wandering on
The jagged cliffs
The fortress comes in view as he descends to meet her kiss

(He is released)

His chest is bared and ready for her hand
    His chest is bared and ready for her stake "

Happy Rhodes

"The Flight"


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I sent my Soul through the Invisible,

Some letter of that After-life to spell:

And by and by my Soul return'd to me,

And answer'd: " I Myself am Heaven and Hell ".

~ Omar Khayyam