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Please read and study all of the information and links listed below before applying with us.

But if you don't qualify or feel like it will be a fit, PLEASE do not ask us to find a group for you. We are too busy doing work in serious research to operate as a no-cost paranormal employment agency for those who won't do legwork on their own. Also, we cannot take on the potential liability or responsibility if things do not work out.


WASHINGTON D.C., Seattle & New Orleans (actively looking for members)









Q. Can't I just come along on an investigation without all of this paperwork / bureaucracy?

A. We are considering a more formal Guest Program where you pay a donation, sign and agreement form and get to observe, but we need payment in advance and only certain investigations are applicable, nor can we guarantee that you will experience anything paranormal.


Q. What is the difference in the membership types such as Area Rep, Freelancer, Consultant and Regular Member?

A.  An Area Rep is generally an experienced hunter that happens to live in an area where SPI does not have or needs a presence. They are generally asked to stay in touch (at least monthly).

A Freelancer is a hunter that runs their own group or has a body of work (book, website, etc.) that meshes well with our philosophy, but wishes to retain their own identity in the paranormal field. You generally cannot belong to another group other than one that you personally head up, and we prefer to meet you in person first.

Regular Members must usually live close enough by to participate in meetings and investigations. You cannot belong to or run another group to be considered for this position. All positions are asked to stay in touch (at least weekly) and support SPI goals on a regular basis.

Outside Consultants participate in their own area of specialization such as audio analysis or legal counsel, but due to time constraints, preference or fit are not on the regular meeting and investigation rosters.

Colleagues are respected hunters that may or may not have their own group but are welcome to enjoin SPI on certain investigations. Similar to a Freelancer but with a higher degree of trust. 

Guests are assistants under an authorized area rep or member and are given information and tools on a need to know basis. Their presence and participation are primarily investigation based.


Q. Why the new $50 Interview Fee and $75 Annual Membership dues?

A. We are running out of time to process applications / interview prospective members and only wish to consider serious inquiries. The fees are fair considering how much the core members have already invested and the resources involved in bringing new people on board. 


Even though no one has complained, in order to avoid looking like some kind of a racket or organization that operates on crass commercialism, we will WAIVE the fees above if you can study the books listed on the Ghost Hunter Reading List and are willing to take a quiz.

Ghost Hunter Reading List


Q. Do you ever waive the fees for other reasons?

A. Only under unusual circumstances such as we need an area rep in your market quickly or you possess some very invaluable skills.


Q. Do I get my money back if things don't work out?

A. Under most circumstances, no, because it requires the same amount of effort on our part regardless of whether you are a fit with our organization or not.


Q. What is the number one reason why you drop potential members from consideration?

A. Lack of initiative and consistency. We get a lot of people who seem very eager to join, but within a very short period of time either do not produce any results or stop making an effort to stay in touch. The other reason is personality issues which indicate a lack of good grounding in reality. If you are only wishing to join because you want the thrill of seeing a ghost or are riding the fad of being a ghost hunter, then we suggest looking somewhere else. Most of the work entailed does not involve an being onsite at an actual investigation - that is only 10% of it at most. If doing legwork and team effort do not appeal to you, then we will both be disappointed.


Q.  Your membership policies are a bit strict.

A. Yes they are, and for several good reasons. The main one being that we would rather have a few high quality individuals than a large number of members who aren't a good fit. Also, we want our clientele to know that our members are carefully selected. I have been doing this for a number of years and have seen the personnel issues that so often crop up; consequently I take great pains to avoid them. Also, it can be time consuming to correspond with and interview prospective applicants, so we would rather start with strong candidates who already understand our guidelines.

Please bear in mind that many other organizations are completely closed and do not accept new members at all, so we are hardly at the extreme end of the spectrum. In addition, we often get applications from qualified individuals who are willing to make the effort to read these guidelines and meet our standards.

If you need further clarification on why we have these policies in place then this ghost group discussion at Ghost Meetup may help.


Q. I feel that I could do a good job for your organization, but there are a few guidelines that I may not meet.

A. We don't expect anyone to meet all of the requirements perfectly - we are negotiable, especially if you at least have some strengths or edges that can be of benefit. Go ahead and contact us. We can't guarantee anything, but it only takes a few moments to try. Send a resume if you can. 


Q. I'm afraid that I am nowhere near qualified and/or live too far away.

A. Our website offers some great resources for anyone interested in the paranormal, so you can still take advantage of our experience and tools. In addition, we are involved in the Ghost Meetup program where we organize events for those who wish to network with others in this field. We do have area reps and freelancers that work with us, so you may want to consider that instead. Go ahead and apply if you are in doubt.

If after reviewing the guidelines and positions listed above you do not feel that our group would be a fit for you, then please click on the link below for other groups in the Dallas Fort Worth & North Texas region. I do not guarantee or avow competence or availability of the groups listed at any given time - you must use your own best judgment.

Again, if you don't qualify or feel like it will be a fit, PLEASE do not ask us to find a group for you. We are too busy doing work in serious research to operate as a no-cost paranormal employment agency for those who won't do legwork on their own. Also, we cannot take on the potential liability or responsibility if things do not work out.


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Texas Ghost Groups

Ghosts Meetup


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